“If it’s not an adventure, you’re not trying hard enough.”

Or you know, you’re just having an off day. That’s okay too.
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What can I expect from this blog?

My usual blogs covering life with some recurring topics like thrifting, minimalism, anxiety, living with a chronic disease, and self-acceptance.

In between those themes, I love to reflect on life’s simple moments. Sometimes it’s letting yourself just be and enjoy the moment that makes something simple extraordinary. I know, it sounds cliche, but this lens allows me to filter my incoming memories through a more positive lens than I’ve previously had.

My life is constantly in flux, but that’s what makes this blog unique. I’m learning about myself and learning how to establish myself in such easily changing times. Maybe you’ll learn something, relearn something, or just be hit with “deja vu” as you’ve been through it too.

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