Transitioning to Chapter 2016

This new year of 2016 has proven to be quite the change for me.

For the majority of my life, the beginning of a new year brought in new resolutions but  little actual change. In fact, January and February would usually be the most stagnant months of my year. I’d start New Years Resolutions (mostly left uncompleted) only to find my time still left empty as some sort of void. Has anyone else experience this? Nothing great happens and nothing really bad happens, it’s just all mediocre sludge.

Twenty sixteen, however, pulled me into one of the craziest times of my life. I moved to Chicago for a study abroad through my college while recovering from a major dip in my health. Me, a small town girl, is now living in one of the largest cities in the United States. I’m sharing a small studio apartment with exactly what I need and barely an item more. Me, an only child raised by low-key collectors. After years of living all but nine months of my life being single, I started the new year with a kiss from my boyfriend who I’ve been with for almost eight months now.  With all of these changes, I have come certain realizations about myself.

I have trouble being vulnerable.
I hold onto material possessions more than I should.
I invest my time in things I’m not passionate and neglect my passions.
I have trouble managing stress.

My life contains clusters of possessions and mentalities that are cluttering my life. As a result, I will be taking more of a minimalist’s approach to my life. I will be asking myself “does this add value to my life?” Naturally, all things need to come in balance. Pinterest may make me happy as it can inspire my artistic and design-oriented mind and help me with tasks, but hours and hours of pointless scrolling takes away that happiness. Will I be giving up things like social media? No, but I want to take control of what I’m investing in with my life. With the change of this mindset, I want to find God in my day and life. God put passions in me for a reason and it’s my duty to make sure my life doesn’t become cluttered with junk.


2 thoughts on “Transitioning to Chapter 2016

  1. Simplicity! And most important – living in the present! My life changed when I learned to be happy for happiness sake and not to accumulate things but relationships! You are definitely coming out of your cocoon and turning into a butterfly! Enjoy!

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