24 Drops a Day

Life goes by fast, especially as we age. One year of our life quickly goes from being a large percentage of our life to a near speck on our radar.

I have yet to reach the latter, but every hour that passes just seems to go too fast. Changing from a looser college schedule to a more firm nine-to-five schedule, I realized my nights fly by. I can sit down for what seems like only a small amount of time. The clock, however, tells me an hour and a half has just passed.

This year I’ve made a commitment to investing in doing things I love, one of which is improving my drawing skills. It’s hard to make progress when sitting down and scrolling through my phone suddenly takes a larger chunk of my night than I had anticipated. I began panicking that my time would forever slip me by (I admit, I can be dramatic at times), but then I read a quote that grounded me.

We have twenty four drops of time a day.

At first, this may not seem like an earth-shattering quote, but I noticed it made me think about time differently. There’s something oddly soothing about thinking of hours as drops of water. I begin to ask what did the hour water? What did it nourish? Did I water the seeds of my work projects and make progress? Did I water my own soil with self-care and prayer? Did I water another’s soil by helping them with a project they are working on?

We may not be able to get our hours back or slow them down to a more desirable pace, but we can become more mindful of how we use them. With a change in thinking, we can ground ourselves more in the present and, if not get a better grip of time, enjoy the time we did spend. It’s important to refocus ourselves and ask ourselves what we should spend time on.

What did you “water” today? What are somethings you’d like to “water” more often?


One thought on “24 Drops a Day

  1. Charlie and I both thought it was a great insight! I hope you do get a chance to do more drawing. Things pull us in lots of different directions and we have to make a conscious effort about which direction to take – CHOICES! I need to make more time for my music. Thanks for a reminder. Glad you are liking the new job, new experiences, new people, etc.

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