Finding Home in Less

One thing I love about decluttering and living minimally is the space it leaves. I love having a desk with only a few accent pieces and a computer on the top. I love the open area on tables, counters, and the organized pantry holding only what I need. Negative space is not something I’m afraid of, but it isn’t something that always feels like home.

When I moved to Chicago, I didn’t have room for more than the essentials. I barely fit in the car with my parents! For decor, I brought two pictures in frames (one is on my desk at my internship), a small mirror, and a ceramic bowl for keys. While I do have other items that bring in some style that aren’t decor like my jewelry box and bluetooth speaker, I’ve noticed my room doesn’t feel like I’m living in it despite my attempts to spruce it up.

I bought a pretty little succulent, but so much of the furniture lies so low to the ground that all of the decor (plant included) and accents I do have don’t do much to the area. The apartment also came furnished so there are two pictures hanging in what little wall space I do have. I may love simplicity and more minimalistic decorating, but I am an artist. I love customization. I love making something mine through adding little pieces of “me” in a space.

But, I don’t have much money and I don’t want to spend money on a bottle of paint when I’ll use it for only one or two paintings. I’ve been looking into hanging some free printables and pictures as it seems decorating the wall is the way to go with this apartment. I may also be investing in watercolor as I want to learn how to paint with watercolor.

What are some decorating dilemmas you have faced? How have you made your house a home?


2 thoughts on “Finding Home in Less

  1. Good job in keeping it simple, Amanda. But I understand how you don’t want to spend a lot of money, especially since you are only going to be there for only a short time. Do you have a dollar store anywhere close by? You can pick up frames there for a dollar (or maybe even less). Or you can even glue a picture onto cardboard (a cereal box?) No frame needed. You can use magazine pictures, a picture you print, or your watercolor idea is great! Is there a mirror on your dresser? You can tuck a small picture in the corner. Post what you come up with! Take care!


  2. I am in my 70th year, and still live as if an art school student. Live with the tools you use daily – make sure each one has beauty, functions well and is made to last. Make art, exchange it with other friends, find the beauty in the quirky and overlooked – that is what makes for a personal aesthetic and a personal lair. Don’t be influenced by prescribed ideas of what makes for good living – you get to determine this for yourself. Just play and enjoy. G

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