about me

Hi, I’m Amanda. *waves*

I am a poet, novelist, self-proclaimed “reflectionist,” and graphic artist.

I love to create worlds; come take a dive into mine. Escape for a bit or perhaps come out with more questions than you did when you came in. You might even learn some tricks I’ve tried relating writing, minimalism, and anxiety. If not, hear me paint life in a new way which might just scratch that itch of yours.

Some fun facts about me

little dahlia

  • I was born ambidextrous, but not am no longer.
  • I have many nicknames revolving around the word “pie.”
  • I play(ed) the French horn.
  • I’ve never been outside of the Midwest.
  • I have a chronic disease called Crohn’s. 
  • I’m a Christian who often has a hard time “Christian-ing.”
  • I enjoy minimalism and being thrifty
  • While I work as an artist, I sometimes do more writing than art. 

Currently, I am working on a poetry book “Framing the Fragments of Time” and a handful of novels. When I’m not talking about them, I’m reflecting on life through musings or prose, poetry, photography, and design.

Read through my blog for my reflections, short stories, and writing advice. You can also take a peek at my upcoming books and designs on the project page.

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